Saturday, March 28, 2015

DealCircle partners with Rocket Lawyer to reduce startups’ US legal costs

Screenshot 2015-03-27 12.36.13Copenhagen-based startup DealCircle makes online collaboration tools to help startups pull together contracts and other deals more quickly. It’s now bringing its service to the US through a partnership with Rocket Lawyer.
Founded in 2013, the Danish company’s goal is to get angel investors and startups to handle investments entirely through its platform – creating, sharing, signing and managing deals in one place.

Screenshot 2015 03 27 12.30.01 520x327 DealCircle partners with Rocket Lawyer to reduce startups US legal costs 

Google Ventures-backed Rocket Lawyer is a cloud-based platform that connects users with legal help, as well as document templates required for common situations.
The collaboration between the two companies brings Rocket Lawyer’s simple legal documents to the DealCircle platform. The aim is to lower the cost of legal fees for US entrepreneurs, and businesses operating in the American market.
Aside from reducing the legal costs around negotiations, DealCircle claims it can slash the time taken to complete them from months down to one to two weeks for the whole process.
The service is still in beta, allowing users to set up and manage deals for free.

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