Sunday, March 29, 2015

Volvo's glowing bike spray lights up nighttime cyclists

KkkFor thousands of cyclists, navigating the roads at night requires an almost prescient sense of awareness.
To tackle the problem, Volvo has come up with a unique solution: a transparent spray that cyclists and pedestrians can apply on their clothes or bikes before heading out into the night.
Volvo collaborated with advertising agency Grey London to bring their commitment to safety outside car doors, and when they joined forces with Swedish startup Albedoo100, LifePaint was born.
LifePaint is a highly reflective spray that's invisible during the day but shines brightly when a light source — like the glare of a headlight — hits it. The safety spray washes off, and it doesn't change the color of the surface to which it's been applied.
"The spray is completely invisible," said Grey London creative director Hollie Newton. "It doesn't stain or ruin clothes, and you can wash it off."
Image: Volvo LifePaint
In 2013, about 19,000 bikers were killed or injured in England, and the figures have been climbing as a growing number of Brits forsake their car for a more eco-friendly commute.
Bike safety is at its best in urban communities where cycling is the norm. In fact, the Netherlands — where one out of three commuters consider cycling their main form of transportation — has the lowest incident of cyclist deaths per kilometer traveled by bike.
Infographic: More Cyclists In A Country Means Fewer Fatal Crashes | Statista

But as other car-centric countries like the U.S. and Britain start to implement eco-friendlier commuting options, awareness of cyclist safety has become a growing concern. LifePaint is available (for free!) at six independent bike shops in London and Kent this week, and if it does well, the spray will be rolled out internationally.
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