Saturday, December 9, 2017

A 13-year-old schoolgirl is given a lesson in humanity after her death

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪brave girl has saved eight lives by donating her organs.‬‏

Jemima Layzell, who went to Taunton School in Somerset, had told her parents she wanted her body to help save others in the event of her death. The teenager collapsed at home in Horton, Somerset, and died in hospital .
Her heart has gone to a five–year–old boy, a 14–year–old was given her lungs and her liver helped two boys, aged 10 months and five. Two people received her kidneys, a man was given her pancreas and her small bowel went to a boy, three.
Jemima, who aspired to become an author, also donated eye tissue which will restore two people's sight.
Her parents, Harvey, 43, and Sophy, 38, said: "Jemima's generosity will always be remembered."
"Jemima was lovely; clever, funny, compassionate and creative.

"She was a brilliant artist but planned to be an author and left many poems, songs, stories and also serious thoughts about her life and the world's problems and delights.
"She also thought about and discussed death and said of her wish to be an organ donor when she died.
"Eight people have benefited from vital parts of her beautiful young healthy body including five young children.
"Jemima was much loved, was fiercely loyal and cherished her many friends and sister Amelia.
"She has left a lasting legacy and example to others, by being an organ donor.
"It is so sad and we all miss her terribly and it seems such a waste of wonderful potential, but Jemima's short life was so full of joy and achievement and finally such generosity, to be celebrated and always remembered."
Jemima suddenly collapsed at home during preparations for her mother's 38th birthday party.
She had extreme pain in her head and lost consciousness after suffering a ruptured aneurysm deep in the left side of her brain.
A memorial will be held for her at Taunton School Chapel.

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