Thursday, December 7, 2017

Us legislation to travel "hidden weapons"

أسلحة في أميركا

The US House voted Wednesday, a bill allowing any person holding a license to move with his weapon in the whole of the US territories.
The draft law, proposed by the Republicans, the support of 231 votes, including 6 Democrats, in return for 198 votes, including 14 Republicans.

It is still supposed to be a vote on the text in the Senate, but without guarantees for adoption.

Deputy Giffords commented gabi, which came under fire in Arizona: "These politicians bargain our political support from the lobby of weapons".

The draft law is a priority of the National Association of 2,425 "A", the biggest pressure group of weapons, it is inspired by the law in force in the field of traffic, where the driving license is valid in all us territories whatever the mandate issued by the.

The newspaper condemned the "Los Angeles Times" the draft law, which allows travel with weapons hidden under clothing or glove box or trunk.

And each of us states that its citizens It is automatically in 12 States, either in the remaining 28 states there must be a license is not very difficult to obtain except in California or New York, which demand a justification for travel with a weapon.

He warned the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, Wednesday, that the House vote "appalling puts all New York residents in danger", adding: "The draft law will allow persons from outside the state convicted of certain crimes to transfer weapons not And cursed phenomenon in New York in what constitutes a violation of the law is the safest and the best in New York."

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