Saturday, June 9, 2018

How can people make money through Reddit?

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Reddit is a great source for driving quality traffic since the audience already showed a clear interest in clicking the link, and depending on business model, you can definitely make good business through Reddit.

Some people have blogs on a specific niche or website, either integrated with Ad words or does affiliate marketing.
Ad words pays these bloggers to advertise on their website or blog while Aff marketing is pushing products on their page to sell.
Now, for example if your just looking to earn buy getting paid through ad words or basically having as many redditors visit your site. But to achieve that, you must share compelling posts that are related to that sub-reddit. If not, well, get ready to be downvoted to oblivion because the Reddit community never likes a spammer and marketer. (although they have a sub-reddit for advertising and marketing) Also, its necessary you choose the perfect sub-reddit related to your nich. e.a Blog is about games then join r/gaming or r/lowendgaming.
You get the idea? However, they have a Karma rule over there. Tenured redditors tend to have massive karma because they shared witty/funny/significant/compelling posts or engaging in the forums. Karma is like your reputation. Building up Karma is also a good way of winning trust over reddit and establishing credibility. Its a big hassle if youre starting out.
My advice? Stop worrying on how to make money through reddit. Just enjoy Reddit. there are other ways in making money online. Know where to look.

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